Dear FMA members
Many of you have experienced an outage of the EDRS system greatly affecting our normal usage in dealing with completing and filing death certificates and burial permits in a timely manner.With this being said, we are now having to go back to the more modern way of completing the death certificate as well as the burial permit, meaning using the long form and using the three page burial permit, taking the death certificate to the Physician’s office to be signed and taking the signed death certificate along with the burial permit to the health department .

We are hoping this malfunction of the EDRS system is short term, but until then this is the way all of the state of Florida will have to conduct business.

Yours Truly

Timothy E. Kitchens, LFD & Emb
Florida Morticians Association- President

Updated Instructions on Death Certificate Processing

The Florida Department of Health (Department) Bureau of Vital Statistics (Bureau) has been working diligently to resolve this temporary outage of the online Vital Statistics system. To support continued services, the Bureau has developed offline protocols to adapt services through county health departments. Please see the attached forms and instructions below to continue issuing death certificates.

Death Certificates (Form DH512) and Fetal Death Certificates (Form DH428):
1. Print double-sided. As long as the forms are legible and complete, we will accept both letter (8.5″ x 11″) or legal sized (8.5″ x 14″).
2. While the online system is down, a health care practitioner’s signature is required alongside cause of death.
3. Complete demographics.
4. A Medical Examiner will need to approve the cause of death if:
�       Disposition is cremation, donation, or burial at sea.
�       The cause of death is among the traumas listed on the back of the DH512 form.
5. A funeral director must sign the burial transit permit (Form DH326).

Once this is complete, bring all forms and records to the county health department. All county health departments stand ready to assist funeral directors and families. You can locate your local county health department by visiting: <>.

Should you or your constituents have any concerns or questions regarding Vital Statistics, please reach out to 1-866-295-5902 for assistance. Thank you for your patience as we work to restore operations.

Connie L. Matthews
Helpdesk / Records Registration Manager
Florida Department of Health – Burea of Vital Statistics
Helpdesk:  Toll Free 1-866-295-5902

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